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The Drug Legalization Epidemic

With the recent death of Whitney Houston, attention has been drawn to illegal drug misuse and the consequences faced by people who involve themselves in this pursuit. The misuse of drugs is not a problem reserved for people in the limelight (though they do tend to provide a great deal of entertainment), it is a problem of people from every class of life. Anyone can be affected. I personally have never succumbed to the pleasures of illegal drug taking though I am personally involved with a lot of people who have and managed to kick the habit – No easy feat! What kind of people do drugs? Some start to […]

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Why Drugs Are So Harmful

The smartest thing it’s possible to do is to never begin doing drugs since it’s so hard on you and also the folks who care about you when you attempt to quit. I believe that’s why a lot of people sell drugs, Rico says. In case you are thinking about doing medications, dont. The person will be inclined to spend all the money to buy drugs as she or he considers the drug gives him or her happiness. We have to teach people that you may not get nicely with pharmaceutical drugs. I’m subjected to different types of drugs around my pals. Drug legalization promoters often would rather dismiss these […]

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Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse – The Ins & Outs

A time tested drug culture is on the rise among teens that may further influence their younger siblings and it’s called Pharming (farming) which is slang for pharmaceutical. This is the leading path which walks kids down the road to Pharmaceutical Drub Abuse. Teens are gathering in both big and small numbers for Pharm Parties, which could be happening in your own home. If you think this couldn’t happen think again. It’s true, it’s rising in popularity among teens and you need to be in the know to keep your teen’s safe avoiding substance abuse and addiction. Considering the difficulty adults have admitting it could touch their family is dangerous […]

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What Happens When You Start Vaping and Quit Smoking Weed

Chronic weed use has been associated with many documented and undocumented effects on the human body. Smoking is the most common way of marijuana consumption and since marijuana smoke is usually inhaled deep and retained for a significant amount of time, this can lead to chronic bronchial irritation – but now people are using some of the best vaporizers instead. Apart from this feature the marijuana smoke contains over 400 different chemicals, some of which may be carcinogenic although concrete evidence linking marijuana use to cancer is lacking.

Apart from this marijuana use has been associated with memory loss, inability concentration, loss of motivation, infertility and cardiac problems. People with cardiac diseases should strictly avoid cannabis containing compounds.

Apart from this cannabis has also been associated with increased risk of psychosis in schizophrenics. Therefore quitting weed is definitely beneficial in the long run.

However quitting weed is complicated by the psychological dependence and withdrawal symptoms which one suffers from after quitting weed. Although these symptoms are usually mild and resolve within a few days, they can be better handles if people are aware about them. Therefore here are a few common withdrawal symptoms seen after quitting marijuana.

  • Insomnia is common in the first 48-72 hours after stopping marijuana use. This will usually settle and exercise is a good way to combat insomnia. One should not turn to other intoxicants like alcohol to help sleep during this period.
  • Anxiety and restlessness is very common in the first week after discontinuing chronic marijuana use. This usually manifests as mild tremors, frustration, irritation and increase heart rate. This also settles within the first week. Deep breathing, meditation and yoga can help deal with the anxiety and restlessness.
  • Loss of appetite, feeling low, lack of energy and low mood are other common symptoms of withdrawal from cannabis. Exercise, creative pursuits and a strong social support are essential for overcoming these obstacles.
  • Nightmares are also commonly seen in the immediate period after withdrawal from cannabis. The sleep is usually very disturbed and interrupted by these dreams and nightmares. The person may wake up feeling very tired.
  • Flight of ideas and inability to concentrate are another frequent symptom of cannabis withdrawal. Inattentiveness is particularly common. Once again channeling ones energies into some creative pursuit can help overcome this problem.
  • Yawning is a common symptom of cannabis withdrawal. Most chronic users of cannabis will have experienced this phenomenon where they start yawing a few hours after their last joint which is interpreted as sleepiness while it is actually a sign of cannabis withdrawal.

The bottom line is that if you are going to be smoking marijuana, its best to find a vaporizer that works for you. Some are great, some not so – but at the end of the day, its about being healthy.

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How Effective Are Drug Testing Laws?

A lot of employers require their applicants or their employees to undergo testing to check if they are taking illegal drugs, which is normally against company policy. They usually do different types of test, like the blood test, the urine test and of course, a hair drug test. Hair drug test, according to laboratory testing sites, is the most accurate and less invasive form of test.

A lot of employers resort to drug testing policy to maintain a drug-free environment in the work place. There may be no legal obligation to require employers to put their employees under drug testing but some still feel the need to enforce this kind of policy so that they can report who are the employees are considered under the influence of drugs or alcohol thus rendering them unsafe to work with. It is necessary for a company to have a drug testing policy and make sure it adheres to various legal issues

Many companies and employers usually require drug tests among its workers and applicants. This is done to protect the company’s image and reputation; and at the same time protect its employees from any untoward events that might occur as a result of having a team member influenced by illegal drugs.

There are many countries that instruct companies to conduct drug tests to applicants as part of their pre-employment, companies should follow according to the drug testing laws.

A drug testing policy goes hand in hand with a credible drug testing facility. This would prevent people from challenging the results and how the tests are conducted.

The best solution according to some people who went out of their way to pass a hair drug test is to get a coal tar shampoo, rinse the hair around 6 times then use a strong enough acid to penetrate the cuticle and cleanse the outer cortex. One needs to have a strong industrial prepared acid to really penetrate the cuticles. Toxin Wash is the most recommended detoxifying shampoo by the experts.

On a final note, make sure that everyone should sign the policy stating they understand what it is and the repercussions if they violate the provisions of the policy. This would make sure the company would be protected from suits arising from the tests.

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